Where to Submit – Guidelines

Here is the process by which the editors of presses and journals, and the managers of fellowships, residencies and other literary opportunities, can assure that their opportunities are on the list. If you’re not emailing on behalf of an organization, there’s no need to “get on the list.” For more information about the Where to Submit list, check out our “A Few Notes on Where to Submit” post here.

Please email Justin Greene, the list’s organizer, with your formatted call in advance of the list’s publication date, which occurs on the 1st of March, June, September and December. (Note that, after the list goes live, we are unable to add calls for submissions, except in the case of mistakes on our part.) We ask for a formatted call because it expedites the process of assembling the list and guarantees that your information will appear as you want it. Here is the basic template we use:

Name / Date(s) (For instance, “Date 1 – Date 2” or “Deadline: Date,” if your call is already active when the list goes up. For year-round submissions, write “year-round” here) / Genre(s) / Fee (if applicable)

For contests, please add the following information if relevant:

Prize / Judges (with the genre they’re judging in parentheses after their name, if there are multiple judges and genres)

As an example, a formatted free contest call would appear as:

Entropy / Year-Round / Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Hybrid, Interviews, Reviews, Art / Prize: 100,000,000 Master Balls / Judge: Bulbasaur (Poetry), Charmander (Fiction), Squirtle (Nonfiction)

Thanks much for the support that this list, and Entropy as a whole, has received from the literary community. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.