Submission Guidelines


General Guidelines:

We are currently and indefinitely open for submissions of Reviews (collaborative reviews, video reviews, & nontraditional reviews are welcome), Interviews/Conversations, Discussions/Roundtables, & Articles/Essays/Notes/Rants/Lists/Writings related to or falling into any of the following categories: Creative Nonfiction, Lyrical Essay, Personal Essay, Literature, Experimental Writing, Small Presses, Translation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Games (Video games, board games, computer games), Science, Digital & Interactive Literature, Travel, the Paranormal, Television, Film, Music, Food, Culture & Art.

For specific and ongoing calls for submissions for curated series and topics, please visit:
Calls for Submissions

We welcome the above, but please don’t see this as a limiting list, rather a starting list of suggestions. If you’re not sure, send us a query.

We ask for exclusive rights to published pieces for a period of two weeks. After that, republishing with attribution is welcome.

We do not consider previously published work.

Entropy is completely volunteer-run and unable to pay for publication at this time.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please make sure to send your submission to the relevant editor (see the list below).
  • Please only send to ONE editor, section, or series at a time.
  • Include the word “submission” in the subject of your email.
  • Include a very brief bio and author photo to help speed up the process.
  • Please send your submission as a DOC or DOCX file. If formatting is important, please also include a PDF.
  • If you have relevant images to accompany your piece, please send those as well. (All pieces accepted for publication will be accompanied by a featured image, so if you have a particular image, let us know.)
  • Also let us know if you have published with us before, especially if submitting to a different section, series, or editor.
  • Please note if your submission is a simultaneous submission and let us know if it is accepted elsewhere.
  • Please send complete & finished submissions. We no longer take pitches.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for a response. We usually respond before that, but please don’t assume that you’ll always hear from us right away.

Book Review Guidelines:

Please see all guidelines pertaining to book reviews here.

Where to Submit Guidelines:

Please see all guidelines pertaining to the Where to Submit section here.

Where to Send Specific Submissions:

BOOK REVIEWS / Hanna Tawater /

INTERVIEWS  / Andrew Byrds /

ARTS/CULTURE / Adrienne Walser /


GAMES (Board Games, Indie Games) / Byron Campbell /

GAMES (PC Games, Major Releases) / Emily Lee /


COMICS / Keith McCleary /

FILM/TV / Myranda D’Apolito /

FOOD / Stephanie Tsank & Lauren Rosales / &

HEALTH / WELLNESS / Ian Riggins /

MUSIC / Beach Sloth /

FICTION / Laura Vena /

POETRY / Michelle Detorie /


SMALL PRESS UPDATES (Excerpts, Publication News) / Jacob Singer /

WHERE TO SUBMIT / Justin Greene /

Please send all other general submissions that can’t be easily categorized, queries, questions to Janice Lee (

We also have several ongoing series and calls for submissions. Click here to view a list of all open calls at Entropy and Enclave.