Info on Book Reviews

Note: We have updated our review guidelines. Please read the guidelines below before getting in touch.

**Book Review Submissions are currently closed and will reopen late October. Please check this page for updates on when submissions will reopen. Thank you for your patience and understanding!**

Reviewers: Reviewer Guidelines

Book reviews should be thoughtful, productive, analytical, and engage with the subject. We don’t love gushing/overly positive reviews nor do we love scathing/overly negative reviews. Analyze, show us something that we haven’t seen before, back it up, tell us how the book made you feel, describe your reading experience. Did it strike a nerve, did it evoke memories from a random moment in your life? How is the text part of a larger cultural context? We love conversation, discussion, critical thinking, genuine opinions, and emotional engagements.

  • Creative, academic, and/or alternate forms of reviews are encouraged.
  • We especially encourage reviews written by women and people of color.
  • Reviews should be between 600 and 2,000 words, and of texts released within the past five years (unless you have a good reason for writing about an older work).
  • If you have a review accepted by us, please wait at least two months before submitting another review.
  • We will respond to queries if you want to check the availability of/our interest in a title before submitting, but will only formally accept submissions of completed reviews on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you are not familiar with our publication, please browse our reviews section to get an idea of the types of books we like to receive reviews for.
  • We do not take reviews of self-published books at this time.
  • We do not accept reviews that have been previously published. We will consider simultaneous submissions, but please notify us if your review is accepted elsewhere.

Publishers/Authors: Getting Books Reviewed

We do NOT have a regular staff that reviews books at Entropy. Instead, we rely on completed book review submissions from contributors only. The best way to get a review placed with us, is if you know of people who are interested in writing a review for your book, have them submit the review to us. We are no longer maintaining a list of titles available for review.

Please direct all book review submissions and related queries to