Info on Book Reviews

Note: We have updated our review guidelines. Please read the guidelines below before getting in touch.

Reviewers: Reviewer Guidelines

Book reviews should be thoughtful, productive, analytical, and engage with the subject. We don’t love gushing/overly positive reviews nor do we love scathing/overly negative reviews. Analyze, show us something that we haven’t seen before, back it up, tell us how the book made you feel, describe your reading experience. We want to go out on an edge, we want to know what makes this book sing. Did it strike a nerve, did it evoke memories from a random moment in your life? We love conversation, discussion, critical thinking, genuine opinions, and emotional engagements. Creative and alternate forms of reviews are encouraged. We do not take reviews of self-published books at this time. We prefer submissions of completed reviews.

Publishers/Authors: Getting Books Reviewed

We do NOT have a regular staff that reviews books at Entropy. Instead, we rely on book review submissions from contributors. The best way to get a review placed with us, is if you know of people who are interested in writing a review for your book and to have them submit the review to us. We are no longer maintaining a list of titles available for review.

Please direct all book review submissions and related queries to