Entropy @ Open Press 2015


Coming Soon! October 9, 10, & 11 in Los Angeles, ENTROPY, along with Les Figues PressThe Poetic Research Bureau, eohippus labs, & Insert Blanc Press, will be co-hosting Open Press 2015!

Open Press is a medium to extend the work of the writer, editor, and curator, to instigate new channels of reciprocity among those interested and engaged in what might constitute the literary at any given time. Over the course of three days, Open Press 2015 will feature roundtables, readings, panels, performances, a moveable book fair, and more in various locations across the Los Angeles area.

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On Saturday, October 10 from 12-3 pm ENTROPY will host:

on a panel that will explore Planetary Events.


Entropy Panel: Planetary Events

The panel will explore the topic of planetary events in relation to a community writing, reading, and publishing practice. Exploring events such as lunar eclipses, the expansion and rotation of bodies, and the changing of orbits with the passage of time, the panel will investigate questions such as:

  •    How are position and perception related?
  •    How does the passage of time affect the movement of large planetary bodies?
  •    How do space, environment, and our place in the universe play a role in reading, writing, and sharing work?
  •    How do orbit, movement and alignment relate to perception in community literary practice?
  •    How does the cultivation of the collective resemble a planetary body
  •    How does the concept of synchronicity apply to literary community?
  •    Under the influence of an event such as a lunar or solar eclipse, what does it mean to read?
  •    How does the passage of time change the molten lava of recently erupted volcanic literary activity? Does the literary terroir of the magazine / press / project become solid, or does it keep erupting, bubbling, sliding?
  •    How do gravitational effects affect bodies — bodies of water, planetary bodies, human bodies, bodies of text, etc. ?
  •    How do our writing practices, behavior, movements impact each other as a collective?
  •    Are gravitational effects perceptible in writing?
  •    How might poetry operate during or post- catastrophe?
  •    How might words still connect beings and bodies to each other, to the cosmos, to space?
  •    How is writing ultimately given and received?


Entropy is closing at the end of 2021. Read the farewell announcement from our founder here: