About CCM-Entropy

CCM-Entropy is the result of newly merged Civil Coping Mechanisms and Entropy, an independent literature community and portal that includes CCM: publisher & promoter of kick-ass independent literature, Entropy: a magazine and community of contributors that publishes diverse literary and non-literary content, and Enclave: a community blog that exists as an open and central space for contributors representing different literary communities, corners, and aesthetics to express themselves openly, urgently. The portal also features a growing small press database and resources for writers. While here, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Take a look around; stay awhile. We’re coping.



Publisher-in-Chief: Michael J Seidlinger

Managing Editor: Joanna C. Valente

Associate Editor: Nathan Carter

Deputy Editor: Adrienne Crezo

#RECURRENT Series Editor: Janice Lee


Executive Editor: Janice Lee

Book Reviews Editor: Alex Kalamaroff
Film Editor: Gabino Iglesias
Games Editors: Byron Alexander Campbell, Eugene Lee
Arts/Culture Editor: Sarah Hoenicke
Digital/Interactive Lit Editor: Justin Petropoulos
Comics Editor: Maxi Kim
Comics Curator: Keith McCleary
Music Editor: Beach Sloth
Food Editor: Stephanie Tsank
Round-Up Editor: Quincy Rhoads
Sunday Editor: Sara Finnerty
Fiction Editor: Laura Vena
Poetry Editor: Michelle Detorie
Small Press Editor: Dennis James Sweeney
Event Calendar Organizer: Rose Quezada
Advisor-at-Large: Harold Abramowitz

Contributing Editors: Gina Abelkop
, Leon Baham, Megan Broughton, Sylvia Chan, Saehee Cho, Meriwether Clarke, August Evans, Leif Haven, Christopher Higgs
, M Kitchell, Jarett Kobek, Kari Larsen, Felipe WMartinez, Robin Myrick, Joseph Michael Owens, 
Linda Michel-Cassidy, Joe Milazzo, 
Megan Milks, Kyle Muntz, Gabriela Torres Olivares, edward j rathke, Nicholas Rhys, Michael J Seidlinger, Sam Slaughter, Meghan Tutolo, Adrienne Walser

Founding Editors: Janice Lee, 
Peter Tieryas


Managing Editor: Sam Slaughter

Contributors: Diana Arterian
, Rachel Bell, 
Km Bradford
, Sommer Browning
, Jos Charles
, Chiwan Choi
, Noah Cicero, 
Juliet Escoria, 
Ben Fama
, The New Order of St. Agatha (Cassandra Gillig), 
Jeremy Hight, 
Henry Hoke
, Marco Antonio Huerta
, Tim Jones-Yelvington
, Porochista Khakpour
, Scott McClanahan
, Alexandra Naughton, 
Eric Nelson
, Jordan Okumura, 
Jesse Prado, Beau Rice
, Luis Silva, 
Karl Smith, 
Leesa Cross Smith, 
Andrew Wessels