Three independent publishing entities with common goals of publishing vital and exciting literature, building and participating in community, and contributing and promoting good literary citizenship, are joining forces.

THE ACCOMPLICES is made up of Civil Coping Mechanisms: publisher & promoter of kick-ass independent literature, Entropy: a magazine and community of contributors that publishes diverse literary and non-literary content, and Writ Large Press: an indie press that uses literary arts and events to resist, disrupt, and transgress.

Writ Large Press will continue to experiment and push limits with events that engage and bring together the public. On the WLP publishing side: WLP books will publish as an imprint within the CCM catalog with editorial autonomy, WLP’s ‘small print’ chapbook series will remain exactly as it is currently structured, and local publishing projects will continue to be created and presented.

As we go forward, we will join our ideas, talents, and resources to push even harder in the work that each of us have done in the past, without losing our individual identities and without betraying the work we have each done. We vow to not lose the characteristics that have made each of us unique and important.

From The Accomplices—Janice, Michael, Peter, Judeth, and Chiwan: we’re coping.



Image Credit: Emily Lee

Entropy is closing at the end of 2021. Read the farewell announcement from our founder here: