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Creative Nonfiction

Sans Meds: Three Short Shorts

By On August 28, 2015

This series is called Sans Meds for a reason. In order to write, all gimmicks aside, I often go off my medication and become dependent on the withdrawal, which is an immediate… Read More

Opener Lily-Rose Depp We Are Trolls

POP TALKS 8: We Are Trolls

By On August 27, 2015

Cover Image: Lily-Rose Depp: We Are Trolls Part I: The Sexpot Nanny Goes For Broke We are all trolls today in one form or another, right? We all get obsessed with a… Read More

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“Everyone is a crackpot” – A Conversation with Sean H. Doyle

By On August 26, 2015

  Sean H. Doyle pulls no punches. Equal parts beautiful and painful, kinetic and heart wrenching, This Must Be The Place starts with a childhood car wreck and ends with our protagonist… Read More


Wednesday Entropy Roundup

By On August 26, 2015

Against Cards Against Humanity (The Kernel, 5/31) The new issue of New Bile is out. You had me at abandoned dinosaur parks…(io9, 4/27) #Fashiondads! The best fantasy novels. Ever. (Buzzfeed Books, 8/20) Feminism and Girl Meets… Read More


Dinnerview: Jacob Knabb

By On August 26, 2015

Jacob S. Knabb is the Co-Owner and Senior Editor of Curbside Splendor Publishing, named ‘Best Indie Press’ by Chicago Magazine, and Editor Emeritus of Another Chicago Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter where… Read More



By On August 26, 2015

1. Where Monsters Dwell (No. 3, Sept 2015, Marvel) – Garth Ennis, Russ Braun & Dono Sanchez Almara A Feminist twist on the vintage fantasy adventure monster genre, Ennis & Braun’s craft… Read More


A Raskolnikoff by Emmanuel Bove

By On August 25, 2015

A Raskolnikoff by Emmanuel Bove Translated by Mitchell Abidor Red Dust Books, 105 pps In the introduction to A Raskolnikoff by Emmanuel Bove, Brian Evenson refers to a “secret history” of literature,… Read More

Small Press

Projective Industries

By On August 25, 2015

The idea of a set mission might rankle the three of us a little, despite our Olson-influenced name. But we do have goals—one of those, which is surely true of all small… Read More


Their Days Are Numbered XXXIV

By On August 25, 2015

Their Days Are Numbered is a new year-long project authored by the collective Entropy community. It is a collaborative online novel written by the Entropy community on a weekly basis. A different author will write the next… Read More

Creative Nonfiction

Tales From the End of the Bus Line: Steve and Suni

By On August 25, 2015

Tales From the End of the Bus Line is a long-distance collaboration between daughter/father Megan and Bill Broughton to collect the many adventures of Bill’s young adulthood in Van Nuys, California. Installments… Read More



By On August 24, 2015

The first time I remember having Kransekake was at the 50th wedding anniversary party of my paternal Grandparents Leslie M. Gravesen and Ethel Firing Gravesen (as I write this, Grandma Ethel turns… Read More


Getting Lit: Round 9 with Dasha Kelly

By On August 22, 2015

About Dasha Kelly Dasha Kelly is a writer, performer, social entrepreneur and carrot cake connoisseur. As a poet and novelist, her writings have appeared in anthologies, text books, magazines and online. She… Read More

Poetry from Chiwan Choi

Poetry from Chiwan Choi

By On August 21, 2015

if 100, then 150 (excerpts from a work in progress) chiwan choi   on a bus we head for the waterfalls   falling in and out of sleep i look out the… Read More

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Notes from Malta: Some Windows

By On August 20, 2015

For a good while my dentist is saying, “That’s great,” standing just inside the threshold to the room nodding his head as if he’s been rubber cemented there and tasked with telling… Read More